Woman Uses Nike+ Running Routes to Draw Dicks

August 8, 2014
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Let’s face it, running is a pain in the ass. Sure, once we’re in shape it gets easier and more enjoyable; endorphins make us feel better, and the constant activity can get us more confident about our bodies. That’s all great and all, but that first step, that first decision to get out of a comfortable bed and not make the fridge our next destination, and instead putting shoes on and going for a run… that’s one of the hardest things we try to will ourselves to do in our everyday lives.

That’s partly because we know it’s going to feel shitty, at least in the beginning. If you haven’t been running regularly, it’s going to suck, there’s no way around it. Because we know this, a proper motivation is in order. Some people try different kinds of reward systems, but they seldom work for extended periods of time.

Changing running routes is always encouraged, as we can get easily tired of the same routine and seeing the same things; but once you’ve done a few, all courses seem similar. That is, unless you apply some spacial creativity to your path.

Woman Uses Nike+ Running Routes to Draw Dicks

Meet an awesome woman named Claire Wyckoff, whose Running Drawing Tumblr page features shapely routes of her runs, tracked by the Nike+ app. A lot of people could do this, so what makes Claire so special, you ask? Well, she’s mostly drawing dicks with her map routes. All kinds of dicks, because, well… why wouldn’t you?

The Nike+ app tracks your runs and progress; it can show you the distances you did, the calories burnt and you can set goals for yourself and even keep up with what other Nike+ users are registering. And while all of that sounds super useful, it’s the dick drawings that do it for me. They’re the way to my heart.

Claire designed specific courses all over San Francisco to create her sporty art pieces. I’m particularly amused by her clear emphasis on doing those little short runs in the middle to make sure a pee-hole is provided in the drawing. It should also be noted that all these cocks are considerably different from each other.

While penises are the main theme – and the unquestionable fan favorites – of Running Drawing, Claire doesn’t limit her output to them. A Space Invaders alien, a hand that flips cancer off and a stripper sliding down her pole (creatively using Sunset Boulevard as the pole) are some of her other creations.

Claire Wyckoff, you’re an inspiration.

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