UKIP’s Dubious Political Poster Campaign

April 30, 2014
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If you’ve been driving around England as much as I have recently I trust you will have seen the U.K Independence Party’s (UKIP) new GBP1.5m poster campaign.

The campaign is risible at best, and I feel as though left wing media outlets have done a ludicrously good job in tearing the campaign apart.

UKIP's Dubious Political Poster Campaign
UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Image via Farage landmarkmedia /

One of the posters shows a sullen construction worker who appears to be begging by the side of the road with the caption: ‘EU policy at work – British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labor.’

UKIP then came under scrutiny for not using a British actor in the poster. The actor was in fact Irish. I should mention that due to certain agreements between Britain and Ireland, Irish citizens are free to come and work in Britain, but the headlines practically write themselves.

There’s another poster, this time in split screen, contrasting Britons on a crowded bus, with a member of European parliament in the back seat of luxury car with the tag line: ‘Your daily grind funds his celebrity lifestyle.’

It’s important to point out that Nigel Farage has been an M.E.P since 1999, meaning he has taken millions from the taxpayer in order to fund his celebrity lifestyle. It was also revealed that his wife is German, and that he employs her with taxpayer’s money, instead of a British person.

Now, in recent days I’ve seen various social media campaigns aimed at ripping the posters down, due to their offensive content, but I say let them stay. Let the public see them for who they really are.

UKIP's Dubious Political Poster Campaign

The poster campaign obviously compounds assertions that UKIP are a thinly veiled racist organization, yet the scrutiny which has surrounded it has allowed us a glimpse into a haphazard organization, which is so utterly incompetent that they can’t even make a simple racist poster without messing it up. It’s like watching a man tattoo the word ‘skins’ in a mirror only for him to turn around a reveal the word ‘sniks’.

The hiring of an Irish actor I can just about understand. UKIP probably got in touch with an agency, and were sent an actor who happened not to be British despite appearing on a poster campaign concerning British employment. It’s his wife that has me scratching my head – I mean surely at some point it must have occurred to someone within that political party that they would be asking for trouble if they were paying a German taxpayers’ money to be the party leader’s secretary. Surely.

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