Two Rearrested in Pakistan for Cannibalism

April 15, 2014
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Brothers Arif and Farman in Bhakkar, Pakistan, who were imprisoned for cannibalism in 2011 have now returned to their particular diet of human flesh according to police after the head of a young boy was discovered at their house.

The man-eating duo were first hauled into prison after they were found guilty of disinterring and devouring up to 150 corpses from their village graveyard. Police grew suspicious after the body of a 24-year-old woman disappeared from the cemetery.

Investigations led to the brothers’ house where the body was found in Farman’s house under his bed, with both her legs removed. More of her remains were found in a cooking pot full of meat curry.

Two Rearrested in Pakistan for Cannibalism

There are no specific laws against cannibalism in Pakistan, curiously enough, but the brothers were arrested under the Maintenance of Public Order section of the Pakistan Penal Code and found guilty. Arif and Farman were both sent to prison for two years and fined a total of Rs50,000 (US$520), since they did not kill anyone.

The brothers returned to their hometown of Bhakkar after their sentence was served in Mianwali’s district jail, much to the outrage of its local residents.

Before long the cannibals returned to their nourishment of choice and neighbours grew wary and concerned. Following a tip police raided their home in April 2014 and recovered human remains, including the head of a young boy.

Arif was arrested on the spot, according to District Police Officer Ameer Abdullah, and immediately admitted to his cannibal recidivism, while Farman, who wasn’t at home at the time of the raid, is still on the loose.

Police are now on a manhunt to track Farman down to bring him in for questioning, while forensic experts are searching the premises of the brother’s dwelling. Reportedly they expect to find more human remains as the dig around.

While Arif and Farman were locked up in prison, they spent most of their time in the King Edward Medical University in Lahore, where faculty members of the neurophysiology department examined them.

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