The Fashion World Can Be So Yesterday

November 14, 2013
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New York fashion week barely started and the good old days filled with glitz and kitsch and gossip are apparently out, replaced by the older days where sanctions were used as threats against brands that didn’t employ black models.

Regurgitating issues of old such as the relationship between fashion and food, racism on the catwalk, and the decreasing importance of traditional fashion shows now that we are all connected and that the Internet has taken over.

Fashionably usualThe silent discontent started already in 2010 when the event was moved from Bryant Park to the Lincoln Center, and now there are rumors suggesting another move next year, although no new venue has been selected.

This only fuels the speculations that fashion shows may be a memory of the past in the near future, replaced by online substitutes. Revered American designer, Oscar de la Renta, added to the pyre in an interview with Womenswear Daily when he said he was slashing his list of invitations this year to 350 from 632.

Still, the biggest controversy is likely to come out of an open letter to the various designer councils in the US and Europe. The letter has been posted online and it shames and names fashion houses, accusing them of hiring either few or no one of color.

“Not accepting another based on the color of their skin is clearly beyond ‘aesthetic’ when it is consistent with the designer’s brand,” the letter signed by The Coalition, reads.

Among the shamed are brands such as Calvin Klein and Diesel with designers like Donna Karan and Victoria Beckham.

Supermodel Iman told the New York Times that “it feels to me like the times need a real hard line drawn like in the 1960s, by saying if you don’t use black models, then we boycott.”

On the matter of what models eat – we could be in for a food fight (pun intended). French fashion blogger Garance Doré wants the world to understand that models that eat burgers live in a magic place that doesn’t exist. It also seems to be the kind of place where they never work out and constantly wear million dollar outfits falling from the skies.

If this is true, then Sam Rollinson, who’s one of the most in-demand catwalk models of the season, had 30 minutes of Narnia-bliss as she tweeted: “Have half an hour to kill so naturally going to McDonald’s.”

Maybe you can’t have a catwalk without a catfight.

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