The Apocalypse, Anal Probes… And Other News!

August 22, 2014
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This week we’ll learn why we should start panicking already now, all forms of sex studies are justified no matter how redundant, that some British fear the most bizarre things, and finally we have the heart-warming story of when nature bites back at nature biting back.


The End of the World is Nigh!

Life on planet Earth is a precarious thing. It’s only an epidemic, natural disaster, or asteroid impact away from going extinct. It’s happened before and it will happen again. The question has never been “if” but always “when.”

Asteroid 1950 DA is hurtling through space towards us and NASA estimates that there is a 300/1 chance of impact. The rock measures roughly one kilometer in diameter and could hit us at more than 64,000 kilometers per hour. Write down March 16, 2880, in your calendar. It could very well be your last day on Earth.

Anal Probe!


A scientific probe into anal sex among teenagers has revealed absolutely nothing we haven’t already known for years. Apparently, young girls, for the most part, have to be talked into it while their male peers have to do the talking into.

Unsurprisingly, male teenagers see it as a bit of a competition and the more chocolate starfish you penetrate, the better. Another obvious answer during the study was that porn usually served as an inspiration. Hopefully, we’ll soon have a study that will reveal the correlation between unprotected sex and pregnancies.

Some Scary Shit…

The word phobia normally succeeds a Latin word for something people irrationally fear. Undoubtedly, there are a few that could be perfectly and rationally justified, but when local councils in Britain open the floor for residents to ask any questions of their elected rulers, it’s possible to glimpse just how phobic humans can be.

When you feel a need to ask your local councilmen (and/or women) how they plan to counter an attack by dragons or if exorcisms of pets will be subsidized, then maybe, just maybe, you’ve forfeited your right to use much needed oxygen to preserve the life of others.

Snake Bite!

Most of us will agree that anything that slithers should be avoided at all cost, especially if it comes equipped with poisonous fangs. But Rai Singh in central India thought it would be a better idea to bite back before getting bitten.

He thought a deadly blue krait was about to attack him, and rather than wait for its lethal attack, he decided to bite it first. Singh’s attack proved fatal for the snake. Your typical nature bites back at nature bites back.

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