Signs She Might Be Cheating On You

January 4, 2014
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I’m a huge believer in instinct and there comes a time in some relationships when you just get that feeling like something is wrong. You don’t want to believe it, but somehow something is not sitting right with your relationship.

Betrayal is never easy and no one wants to admit that the person that they love has betrayed them. But sometimes the subtle signs are there, and you’ve got to be brave enough to recognize them. Here are a few signs that she might be cheating on you:

she may be cheating

Can’t get in touch with her for periods of time
Lately there have been times when your calls get rejected by her and when you ask her about it, she says she was in a meeting or that she couldn’t pick up the phone. Or her phone is off, or she just pretty much disappears for hours at a time and gets defensive when you ask her about it.

Vague about whereabouts
If you do manage to get in touch with her, she is vague about where she is and will never invite you to come join her.

New underwear she’s not wearing for you
Not that I’m encouraging you to go through her underwear drawer, but let’s say you do and you find some new, sexy lingerie that wasn’t there before and has clearly been worn (but not for you), I’d be asking her some serious questions!

Text messages that make her giggle
If she’s receiving text messages from her ‘friends’ that are making her giggle but she won’t tell you what’s it about or who it is from other than ‘my girlfriend’, nor will she leave her phone around anymore – it literally never leaves her hand – I’d be worried she’s sexting with a new man.

Nekkid selfies she’s not sending you
This is a dead give away. Nekkid selfies that you’re not at the receiving end of. I mean, where are those photos going? No girl takes nekkid photos of herself just to keep them on her phone to what? Wank off to? Nope. She’s sending them to someone, and it ain’t you!

Now, these are subtle signs, but before you blow your cool, citing this article as the irrevocable proof that she’s a cheater, talk to her first. Whatever her excuse, the behavior above is pretty dodgy behavior and if she’s not cheating on you she won’t have a problem explaining herself. If you still feel that something is not right, then leave her. Have you been cheated on before? What were the signs?

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