Racism Is A Tool of Economic Repression

September 1, 2014
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Racism… it’s so utterly pointless and futile. When will we learn that the world’s ills do not lie at the feet of other creeds or ethnicities? Almost all of the horror, the degradation, the violence and the poverty we witness on a daily basis rests purely with economic culture, the free market extremism of neoliberal ideology; it is a culture that requires that great swathes of people – arbitrarily chosen – have nothing… and when people have nothing but their beliefs, those beliefs can become distorted, and take on monstrous proportions.

Yes, there is an enemy, a common enemy, but it is not the differences of ethnicity; so it has nothing to do with being Romanian or Chinese or African American or English or anyone else; it has nothing to do with being black or white or anything other shade. No, the common enemy is the greedy few who maintain almost all of the planet’s wealth for themselves.

Racism Is A Tool of Economic Repression

We’re talking here about those who have so much of the world’s wealth they literally cannot use it all, so they have to remake themselves as ‘patrons of the arts’ for example (purchasing history’s greatest works of art from the public – not for the sake of appreciation, but because they are assets – and storing them away in dark rooms), in an attempt to see themselves as something other than the bloated parasites that they must, deep down, know themselves to be. We’re talking about that greedy few, that 1%, demanding luxury and adoration; demanding to be isolated from the realities of the poverty that they maintain, the poverty that feeds their own coffers, while the rest of the world sleeps in cardboard boxes and starves on the street.

And while we fight amongst ourselves and point the finger at those with different skin or sexual preferences or those who prefer Mars bars instead of Kit-Kats, the greedy few sits back and laughs. Race, you see, is the great distraction. It is a tool to keep the 99% occupied. Put it this way… every time a synagogue is attacked, a bank is allowed to stand free; every time the police chase down an unarmed kid; a Morgan Chase executive is allowed to escape justice.

Forget the petty distinctions of nationality and the banality of race. We are all of one world. The real battle is against willful blindness and fatted selfishness. The truth is that, yes, we are in conflict; we are at war with the worst aspects of ourselves… and an economic system that doesn’t just allow but actively encourages the worst of ourselves to flourish.

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