Obama’s Top Secret Tech Dream Team

July 8, 2014
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You can’t help but latch on to the news that there’s a perfect storm distilling in the Middle East. While the lame duck Obama administration bends way over past backwards to cater to an ever more frightening Iran – in an attempt to avert media attention away from domestic and international spying by the NSA – the high tech world of spy craft is all abuzz. At the same time, the Jihadist militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has seized thousands of miles-worth of territory in both Syria and Iraq – obliterating the old borders – and set in motion the founding of the Islamic caliphate Osama Bin-Laden had dreamed of leading.

According to the Middle East news site Al-Monitor, with the US state department now openly following a policy of turning a blind eye, overt Iranian financial support for Hamas has resumed. Anti-terrorist aid may be rhetorically high on Uncle Sugar’s list in its war on terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah of Lebanon, and Al-Qaida, but the silver-spoon-bred American Secretary of State, John Kerry – who the difficult Israeli prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been known to move to tears of rage with jokes alluding to his faked Vietnam war experiences, according to state department sources quoted in Politico – has encouraged the oil-rich gulf state of Qatar, Hamas’s other main backer, to replenish the terrorist group’s vanishing coffers.

Obama's Top Secret Tech Dream Team

After the Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Attiyah arranged a meeting between the Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday, March 31, 2014, Kerry arranged for him to receive a box of contraband Cuban cigars. Interesting because the day after, Al-Monitor quoted Khamenei speaking of a resumption of the “ongoing martyr’s war against Zionism. All this might be interpreted as just so much rhetoric, save for what the Christian Science Monitor describes as a massive amount of cell-phone and “social messaging activity” throughout the middle east over the last two weeks.

Atypical are BriefCam. This company, headquartered in Modi’in, Israel, has projects in several cities in North America, France, China, and Taiwan. BriefCam has already installed an all-digital surveillance system to protect the Statue of Liberty monument, which had previously used an old analog system, rendering it extremely vulnerable, as was evidenced by the aftermath of the deadly Hurricane Sandy, causing the Statue to go through eight months of renovation and repairs led by the Dream Team. The famous monument only reopened to the public on Independence Day, July 4, 2013. All of it is questionable if Khamenei, the current leader of Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Qatar’s ruling Al-Thani clan, weren’t so obsessed with the destruction of the Statue for being what they repeatedly refer to as “symbolic Zionist architecture.”

Obama's Top Secret Tech Dream Team

Yet despite the pouting and posturing of the Obama administration over Israeli intransigence, the President plays a separate, more perfidious game via Chuck Hagel (above), his Secretary of Defense, in bolstering the US and its allies by hiring out the services of the finest minds in security. It is clearly a dangerous world that we live in and one in which governments everywhere seek both publicity and propaganda to bolster public confidence in their institutions. At the same time, when trying to find out more about the existence of a so-called security Dream Team, I ran into a security brick wall. Beyond BriefCam’s President and CEO, Dror Irani, and Jordan Heliwell, President of the Total Recall corporation, no information is available about their silent, incognito partnership. Having enjoyed cordial relations with the gentlemen of Halliburton who made Baghdad’s Green Zone safe after the liberation of Iraq from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, it seems like some old Dubya-era relationships are being reestablished in the corridors of the Pentagon.

This July 2014, the Dream Team is busy. Currently involved in updating the systems of the Willis a/k/a Sears Tower in Chicago, emplacing tiny CCTV cameras in France’s Eiffel Tower and Pompidou Center, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge systems, knowledge of (but not about) the Dream Team should help all of us – save perhaps John Kerry – sleep a little better.

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