Maybe You’re Being Too Nice To Your Woman

January 5, 2014
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Not that I’m knocking any guys about being nice to a woman (I’m all for it), but there is such a thing as the Nice-guy-syndrome and sometimes men just don’t help themselves by being a pushover with pretty women. Perhaps what he really wants is to ask her out, but instead he becomes the guy that is always around to help her out. Are you being too nice to her?

Being too nice to her
Please let me buy you anything you want! PLEASE!

You’re always available
There is nothing wrong with being available to a friend or lover. Everyone needs some help sometimes. But if you’re available to her all the time, even when you’re not really available, or if you think the only way to ‘get her’ is to be always be there, or you don’t want to upset her, then you’re not being true to yourself and being way too nice to her – and it isn’t going to help you ‘get’ her.

You’re too complimentary
Dude, we can tell when you’re not being sincere with your compliments. All those nice but fake things you say because you think that’s what we want to hear? We just end up not trusting you. You don’t have to be mean, but you should be real. Instead of just complimenting us on everything, tell us what you really think – nicely of course.

You’re too understanding
She just cancelled a date with you last minute to go out with someone else? Again? Don’t be a pushover! If she is doing things that won’t fly with you if it were anyone else, then step up and speak up. Again, you don’t have to be mean or yell but be firm and call her out on her bullshit and it will earn you her respect. If not, then she was just using you anyway.

You always let her have her way
If there is one thing I know, no one lives a happy life by always giving away their power! No girl will respect a guy who doesn’t seem to have a backbone.

You’re always doing what she wants
Even if you don’t really want to do it. Going to the ballet or farmer’s market and missing your game? No son! You need some guy time too!

Whether you’re in a relationship with this woman, or you’re really into her and hope to get with her, nothing good comes with being too nice to her by giving away your power. Women respect men who respect themselves. I’m not saying be a mean ass with her, but have integrity. How else are you being too nice to her?

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