Is There Such A Thing As A Mid-Life Crisis?

February 6, 2014
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Throughout modern times, people (and let’s face it; that usually means men) have been accused that the cause of their actions are to do with insecurity about age. Is this true, however?

Granted we may all know someone who buys a sports car or motorcycle in their 50s or 60s, or someone chasing after partners less than half their age, but is this more to do with general insecurities or the fact they have reached a milestone in life “without achieving all their goals”?

I think it is fair to say, as you get older, it seems that time can speed by faster than before. Responsibilities and such are priorities, therefore the grand scheme and the zany ideas often have to be put on a back burner… and maybe you do wake up and realize time has passed without doing many things you wanted to do.

Mid-Life Crisis

Is the passing of time more significant than a number, or do the two go hand in hand?

I think it can be frightening to realize how quickly time is pressing on and it may for some be a reminder of mortality, but surely this is no crisis but more of a wake up call to do the things you always wanted, and how fortuitous that the alarm bells ring once life has put you in a more comfortable, responsible, financially viable position and, chances are, a time when you have more time.

Crisis? What crisis?

So go parachuting at 70, of course your 40s is a great time to trek to the North pole, anyone younger than 60 looks ridiculous driving a soft top, there is nothing wrong with hanging with chicks in their 20s.

Okay, selling up and putting your family’s financial future in jeopardy may be excessive to say the least, but with age comes wisdom, and we can find a balance to do with our money what we want. Swimming with sharks? Sure, as long as the mortgage has been paid, new career as a photo journalist for Rolling Stone? Ok, as long as the kids’ school fees have been paid.

You see there is nothing wrong with anything you can do (as long as it’s legal and morally and socially responsible); it’s other people who will label and judge, and usually out of envy. Envy that you have created opportunity, freedom and possibility for yourself. To blame opportunity on age is unfair, surely age is to thank for the new world available to us? Age and change should be embraced, make the most of what you can. You have earned it and you deserve it.

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