How To Avoid Gold Diggers On A Date

January 4, 2014
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As much as I hate to admit it, Gold Diggers exist, and they are preying on your money. It’s sad that women do this and I’m not one to defend them in their actions. So I’m here to help you guys out. None of what I’m about to say will win me any points with my feminist friends (and btw, yes I do consider myself a feminist), but it isn’t intended for the independant lady. This advice is for the ladies who aren’t willing to work for their shit but instead want to snare a man to take care of them and their expensive lifestyle. If you don’t mind having a girl like that in your life, that’s cool, to each their own, but if you do, then take precaution and read on:

gold digger

Go on simple dates

Seriously, I never understand the need guys have to impress girls. Ok, I understand it a little bit, but guys tend to go overboard. Trying to get a tickets to a fancy new show, a table at the most impressive restaurant, etc.

Listen, take her somewhere that serves good food but is simple and down to earth. I’m not saying slum it, I mean you still need to show you have some measure of taste, charm and generosity and that you think she’s worth it, but don’t go splurging at a 3 michelin star restaurant either. We’re talking middle ground. Later on, once you get to know her you can start introducing better tables, seats, tickets etc.

Don’t take her to your big ass house

I know you’ve got a fancy, big house (on a hill somewhere I presume) and one of the reasons you got it was so you could impress. If you’re having a one night stand, by all means, do so. But if you’re playing for keeps, I would seriously consider going back to her place the first few times.

Do NOT fly her to Paris for a shopping spree

Uhm… nuff said.

Basically tone the need to impress

I know you think that the only way we’ll be impressed by you is if you just throw money in our faces, but to be honest, we’re more impressed by a guy who has integrity, is funny, kind and generous. By generous I mean is open and is willing to spend some time, money, love with us, not support us while we demand more and more things off of you.

Lay off the business talk

Not that we’re stupid or anything, but we don’t need to know about your stock portfolio, how many businesses you own, what’s happening to who, what and where on the first date, or third.

A girl who is truly interested in you will want to know that you aren’t a broke ass bringing her down, but also will be interested in you as a person. So being nice to her, taking her to interesting places and showing her a deeper side of you will be more impressive than if you have a jaguar and a table at an expensive restaurant! Good luck!

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