Global Warming: Rhyme and Reason

January 16, 2014
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A long time ago in a land far away
The balance of life on earth went astray

The trees started dying, the air grew thin
No exchanging exhales for oxygen

Some animals died as their habitats changed
Extinction excelled like tracks under a train

Winter temperatures dropped while the people drove cars
Parts of Canada got as cold as on Mars

There were holes in the ozone and holes drilled for oil
Which poisoned the waters and poisoned the soil

Drought killed the crops so the farmers went broke
And famine consumed like death in his cloak

Waves took out seasides, ice bergs thawed
The news came in flash floods and often was flawed

The insects did well they had a rebirth
Would they be the meek to inherit the earth?

Viruses mutated bacteria flourished
Mother Earth faltered, she was under nourished

Those who would help her began to come forth
From all directions, South West, East and North

It was too late for changing all that had gone wrong
Too late for protests, uprisings and songs

And even though all this shit started storming
Some still denied that the globe was warming

While the average human was sure they would win
They were slowly becoming completely boxed in

Caged into a place that grew hotter and dryer
As the earth washed away and the oceans grew higher

What were they thinking? What was their plan?
To hop out of the fire, and into the pan?

But life in her wholeness had been here before
And in fact was quite ready settle the score

She longed for a time when her health would return
When waters would calm and her volcanoes burn

She was ready to clear out the stores of excess
To put on her gem stones and fertile green dress

To spread her long legs for the blessings of death
and give birth once again to the child called breath…

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