Facebook Experiment on the Masses… & Other News!

July 12, 2014
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This week we’ll learn just how easy it can be to spend a night in a maximum security prison, that NAZIs were even stupider then we thought, how to be a successful politician in Canada by taking drugs and hanging out with hookers, what you need to do to feel like a free human being for three months, and why no one, no one, likes Justin Bieber anymore.


False imprisonment

Facebook Experiment on the Masses... & Other News!

Irony is the word of the day, because there’s no better word to describe what happened to a man in Chicago who went to visit his son in a maximum security prison. The father stepped in to a room through a propped open door that slammed shut behind him.

For more than 30 hours he was incarcerated by accident behind a concrete door through which nobody could hear him call out for help. Eventually he managed to break a sprinkler head, alerting the local fire service. The jail director told journalists after the incident that: “We’re tremendously sorry for what this man went through.” One can only wonder if that’s the official attitude towards all of the prison’s residents.

Stupid Nazis!

Facebook Experiment on the Masses... & Other News!

Imagine a world where people asked a few questions before deciding on major publicity stunts. We would possibly have less false advertising and definitely fewer embarrassing propaganda posters. Still, there was a time and place in history where human stupidity reached record high numbers.

Nazi Germany serves as endless reference material for Discovery Channel and we’re still fascinated with almost everything that has to do with its Adolf Hitler. The latest debacle includes a poster from 1935 of the supreme Aryan child, which turned out to be a Jewish girl.

Rob Ford

Facebook Experiment on the Masses... & Other News!

When you read in the press about people who hang out with prostitutes and drug dealers, and say things like: “The reason I drank or did drugs was not because of stress, it was out of sheer stupidity,” chances are that you’re reading about somebody from the music industry.

Turns out, you’re actually reading about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The public official recently returned to office after a two-month stint in rehab to get over booze and drugs. Ford didn’t take any questions from the press on his first day back on the job, but apologized to his voters for acting in a way that left him “ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated.”

Facebook the Mad Scientist

Facebook Experiment on the Masses... & Other News!

Facebook was recently caught conducting a massive social experiment on its subscribers, which is actually okay since when an account is created this provision is buried somewhere in the terms and conditions agreed to. The only problem with this latest experiment was that it leaked out to the press.

Well, payback’s a bitch, as they say, and now it’s here. A new campaign is being launched called 99 Days of Freedom, and participants are asked to stop using Facebook for 99 days. That’s right: No more pictures of your friends’ lunches, their latest purchases, invites to social time vampire games like Candy Crush. Can you do it?


Facebook Experiment on the Masses... & Other News!

The never ending saga of children becoming famous before they have developed some awareness of self, right from wrong, and common sense is yet again gracing pages of what used to be respectable news sources. What would the world be without the likes of Justin Bieber?

He’s been caught taking drugs, participating in illegal street races and driving under the influence, stealing a mobile phone from a fan, and confessed to damaging his neighbour’s mansion in LA by pelting it with eggs. Then after lunch…

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