CodeBabes… Are we even surprised?

May 1, 2014
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So, some days ago, CodeBabes launched and the Internet was rightfully flabbergasted. Was this a joke? It had to be. This couldn’t be happening, especially in a time when the tech world really needed to pull itself together and stop alienating women.

CodeBabes... Are we even surprised?

The bright idea here was to make learning how to code more ‘fun’ by adding sexy incentives. Of course the sexy incentives are women – slowly stripping for you as you learn. For each right answer she will take off a piece of clothing. Even the logo of the website is shaped like a vagina. I can’t even begin to express how awful this idea is – it’s not only insulting to women, but also to men!

Yes, there is porn and I write for a site that has its affiliations to the adult industry… but this isn’t porn we’re talking about. This is technical training. The site caters only to men (as if all programmers are men) and assumes that all men want to be motivated by boobs. Not to mention ‘rewarding’ learning with naked women. And you wonder why there is a prevailing idea amongst some men that a woman is a ‘prize’ to be won.

Not only that, a thread of Hacker News pointed out that some of the answers from the quizzes are not accurate – which could mean that this site is actually a massive troll on all of us – however misguided.

But then, troll or not, the Internet retaliated with CodeDicks – the satirical, awesome answer to CodeBabes. Now this is what I’m talking about. While CodeDicks doesn’t actually offer any coding lessons, it does give us hope that not all men learning how to code are 14-year-olds who have never seen boobs before. They’re not affiliated with CodeBabes in any way (as they point out in their website ‘philosophy’ page) but they’re still awesome (and funny!).

Anyway, what do you think of CodeBabes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Evidently, the “mastermind” behind “CodeBabes” has been severely and irreversibly damaged by being repeatedly dropped on his head after birth. Besides, every hard rock fan has the holy duty to lynch their brilliant copywriter for the line “Remember that Van Halen music video, ‘Hot for Teacher’? Yeah…. It’s kind of like that! Except.. you’re”

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