Christy Mack Offers BJ For Best Lego Toy

January 31, 2014
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Men from all walks of life around the world raided their attics and basements looking for Lego pieces after US porn star Christy Mack offered to blow the guy who could come up with the best Lego toy for her house.

The 22-year-old bombshell that won the 2014 AVN Most Promising New Starlet award announced the racy competition on her Twitter account on January 23, and it received immediate attention.

“Whoever builds me the best Lego creation to put in my house gets a blow job,” the tweet read, but it has since been deleted after lawyers from the Denmark-based toy manufacturer contacted her.

Christy Mack Offers BJ For Best Lego Toy

The deadline for submissions was set to March 1, 2014, but before anyone could get too aroused Mack withdrew her enticing offer.

“The BJ competition is off due to lawyers not liking my twitter content. I think it’s because they didn’t win the competition,” she tweeted.

Easy cum, easy blow, or something to that effect. So, for thousands of men who still play with Lego and dream of the BJ of a lifetime, that dream may have been crushed, but it didn’t stop them from submitting “over 100 legitimate submissions, and well over 500 shit ones.”

Not one to be easily deterred by lawyers, Mack added one more post to her Twitter feed: “I guess if people want to build something out of colourful, snap together, painful to step on, 18+ toys, who am I to stop them?”

It’s not clear yet why Mack is into Legos. This is really anyone’s guess, but anyone who’s ever seen any of her movies can testify to her handy-work when it comes to oral performances.

There’s no doubt that if the competition would have run its course, the lucky winner would most likely have enjoyed his first prize a lot quicker than it took him to put his Lego creation together.

This realization prompted a writer for to suggest her competition would be pointless to participate in.

“She is going to suck the shit out that thing and you’re going to blow your load before your penis even has a chance to get fully erect. It’s just not worth it for the time and effort you have to put into it.”

But then he, presumably the writer is male, gets greedy: “Maybe if she was offering a coupon for multiple blowjobs. Maybe 10 or 15 spread out over an entire year. That’s something I might try to win.”

Personally, I would have built a life-size replica of Mack. Hell, I just might anyway.

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