The Right Underwear Turns Up the Heat

August 2, 2015
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The Right Underwear Turns Up the Heat

Wearing lingerie can make a terrible day feel great. It can turn the dowdiest of outfits into high class sexy or into divine smoldering smut. Wearing lingerie feeds our inner sense of self and has the power to transform the day into the night with a couple of buttons undone, the subtle sound of a zipper descending or the bold striptease performed with the confidence of one prepared for everything.

The modern myth for many is that lingerie is only for women. Or for homosexual men who have the panache to “go there”. The truth is that all men deserve to carry the secret of something super sexy underneath their clothes. And all women deserve the surprise of discovering it. I’m not talking about silk nighties or lace up thigh-high stockings. A simple pair of unusual underwear is enough to add zing to any encounter, simply because they are unusual. Unexpected. Sexy!

We all know about briefs and boxers and boxer briefs and even bikinis. But there is a world of men’s underwear out there where, much like the brassiere, one can choose style; padding, enhancement, support, and even design.

There are exclusive shopping possibilities and clubs for men who are inclined to kick it up a notch. The Men’s Underwear Club offers a subscription to a new pair of hot pants every month for what it costs to subscribe to Netflix. At Man Packs you can shop for specialty underwear and then add Fresh Balls Solution to your order for those women who you really like!

Lingerie has finally made progress towards becoming an equal opportunity commodity. There’s a long way to go before men have equal accessorizing possibilities but at least now, you can add the age-old element of surprise and playfulness to your encounters. It can be sexy. It can be fun. It will most likely be appreciated!

Wearing sexy underwear is a secret you carry that you can choose to share or not. Just knowing you’ve got something special in your pants can give you the confidence to move more boldly in any situation. Whether during a business meeting, in the grocery store, at the bar, out for your first date or even for your 20th anniversary, you can forget about trying to impress and think about your sexy secret instead. After all, knowing you’re sexy is the greatest sex appeal of all.

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