5 Ways to Break Up With A Girl With Grace

December 15, 2013
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Breaking up is never an easy thing to do and breaking up with grace takes a lot of courage (and some skill). This is a difficult time for both of you and emotions will be high. How you handle all of this will be a test of your manhood. Granted it is always easy to do the cowardly thing and send her a text saying, “Adios!” but breaking up with a girl with grace will not only earn you good future karma points but also help build character. Here are 5 ways to break up with a girl with grace:

Face to face

I know it can be scary when you’re trying to break bad news, but anything short of telling her face to face that you want to break up is cowardly. Perhaps the only one leeway to this is if you’re in different countries. Even then it’s better to have a video call than to send her an email. Better still if you fly over to see her!

break up
This will happen if you don’t do it right.

Pick a neutral place

Now that you know you’re meeting up with her to break up, it’s also important to pick a good neutral place to do it. Don’t pick her favorite cafe (she’ll never be able to go back there again without memories) or park.

Pick a place that isn’t too crowded, is private and will allow you both to talk. I dislike restaurants or cafe because it means if either of you tear up it will create a scene.

Going to her place is also a good idea as you guys will be able to talk or cry if you need to – and you can leave after.

Be honest

Don’t give her bullshit. She will know. We always know. Why are you breaking up with her?

Maybe it’s something you think will hurt her, and I’m sure you’re right, and perhaps you will need to sugarcoat it a little. But the gist of it should be honest and clear.

Don’t be mean

No need to start the blame game or call her names or anything like that. She’s already hurting, no need to put more salt on the wound. Also, don’t say you’re doing it for ‘our own good’. We have brains of our own, thank you very much.

Let her feel

This is an emotional time, and most men get overwhelmed when women display a lot of emotion. But alas, you have got to deal with it. Some women might take the news calmly and you can go on your way, some might have a breakdown and cry or ask a lot questions. Either way, be prepared to talk it out.

Have you had a good breakup before? How did you do it?

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