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We’ve all got an opinion. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have something to say on any given subject under the sun. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven by people who aren’t scientists that leaving home WITHOUT opinions can cause extreme embarrassment at social gatherings.

The writers at BaDoink.io are practically constructed from opinions; their wise heads constantly observing the world around them, if they don’t comment on the events they see, their bodies literally explode. Literally. Explode. So it’s a double service that BaDoink.io provides. On the one hand it is preventing the messy spontaneous combustion of reporters (if you’ve ever been on the underground when someone suddenly combusts you’ll know just how messy that is); on the other, it is ensuring that our readers can benefit from the fruits of the BaDoink staff’s wisdom on all matters.

With discussions on the news, on politics, sex, drugs, race and philosophy, with musings on existence as well as those aspects of everyday life that we can all relate to, the BaDoink.io Opinion section aims not just to inform our readers of what’s going down in the world or happening around them, but also to entertain and engage with our readers, to share their thoughts with them. Readers are encouraged to leave their own comments too, so that ultimately, what may start off as an opinion quickly evolves into a dialogue.


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