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Who doesn’t love a great movie? Ok, maybe Tommy Wiseau is a little allergic to them but mostly everyone loves the experience. Either in the theater, at home or on the go using your smartphone or tablet, there’s always time to stick a movie into your schedule. Whether it’s a grandiose epic, gritty documentary, a gory slasher flick or the latest gross-out comedy, there’s a little something for everyone.
Movies are now inextricably linked with pop culture. They have the ability to dictate trends, influence the common lexicon and have a long-lasting and resounding effect on those who watch them. With remakes, sequels and extended franchises becoming all the rage, the past, present and future of movies are blurred. For everyone on the spectrum, from avid cinema freaks to the casual Pixar lover, it’s a fantastic time to be a part of things. truly understands movies as the cultural force they are. We love nothing more than to give you the latest news, help you decide what to watch next or to simply give you a run-down of the best films in any given genre or by specific actors and actresses. What more could you want? Oh, hang on. Let’s all go to the lobby first…


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