Making Long Distance Relationships Work

January 3, 2014
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I used to be a long-distance-relationships-don’t-work kinda gal, until I met someone I really wanted to make it work with. It wasn’t easy, in fact it sucked most of the time but this person was worth it and we both wanted to be with each other, so we made it work. This wasn’t one of those things you can half-ass and hope it works out. If you’re currently in a long distance relationship, here are some ways to make it work:

Trust her
Jealousy is a dangerous game to be playing in a relationship, especially so in a long distance one since you won’t be physically together. When you see photos of her with friends (especially guys) you might feel a twinge of the green-eyed monster, but this is where trust comes in. Without this very important ingredient your LDR will not survive.

making long distance relationships work

Tell her what you’re thinking
In order to have trust, there needs to be communication. This isn’t one of those times you can pretend to be cool with stuff hoping she’ll pick up the non verbal cues. She can’t because she’s not there. Or if you’ve got something on your mind that is distracting you, like work, you need to tell her it’s work because you can be sure that on the other end it will just seem like you’re being distant and it’s because of the relationship and OMG you wanna break up! It might seem dramatic, but it’s true.

Do things together
This might sound silly but doing things together online, like watching the same show or eating together is quite comforting. Sure it’s not like the real thing but it’s still nice to be able to hang out, albeit virtually.

Make plans
Knowing when you’re going to physically see each other again means you have something to look forward to and makes the distance a little more bearable. “Only three more weeks to go!” That will be your chant. So even if you’re going to meet her 3 months in the future, make that date!

Have a life
This is super important. If you’re sitting in front of the computer all day hoping she’ll come online to chat then you’re going to have a hard time, especially if she has a life and you keep seeing her awesome Instagram photos pop up on her Facebook and your imagination starts running wild. I know you miss her but have a life, just like you would if you were physically together. Go out with friends and have your hobbies!

Keep it spicy
It’s not the same thing, but it’s what will keep you sane. Yes I’m talking about the sexy time. While I never encourage sending sexy photos of yourself unless you’re cool with the idea that there might be a possibility it will get out into the interwebz, try video chats, sexting, talking dirty, or anything else you’re comfortable with. Trust me, it will bring you together and keep the fire burning.

Are you in a long distance relationship? What do you do to make it work?

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  1. Long distance relationships simply don’t work. One of the two has to move to where the other is or the whole thing falls apart. So many of my friends have done it, all said the same thing.

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