How To Tell When Your Girl Has Gone Crazy

February 27, 2014
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Far be it for me to judge this poor girl, because I know we’ve all been there in some way at some point of our lives. But probably because we’ve all been there, we read this while cringing inwardly, willing her to stop but knowing that she won’t, wondering why her friends haven’t burned her phone already (oh yeah, she claims to not have any).

According to the post on reddit ‘JJ’ found this dude on Facebook and sent him a message and that’s how they got in touch. After one date that went really, really well, she sent him a text message that morphed into this cautionary tale:

Started off innocently enough:


Uh oh, we’ve all (women anyway) been there. She thinks he only wanted to fuck her and leave so she tries the nonchalant route, which clearly doesn’t work because after 3 hours (and you can tell she probably just sat there and thought about how he must be lying) she texts him right back:


Wow, ouch! She then tries to zone in with guilt but doesn’t look like Kevin is buying it:


But she carries on:


And on:


It get’s painful from here on, so don’t judge too harshly guys:



Clearly Kevin has gone into hiding:


She gets a little delusional and I wish I could just drag her way and give her a good talking to:


It’s like she knows she’s crossing over to the cray-cray side of things but she can’t stop herself:


And I’m kinda wondering if she really is just crazy cuz she can’t seem to get the hint:


And just as it looks like she’s finally getting it and moving on…. (and at this point I can’t help but root for her cuz come on!)


I’m going, “Just walk away girl, just walk away… “


But no.. BAM! She’s back… now I’m starting to feel sorry for Kevin:



Finally it’s over and I’m just so uncomfortable. Wow. It’s heavy, one can’t help but feel for both sides. I don’t know Kevin or what his real intentions were, but at this point, who cares cuz she just bulldozed over any spark that might have been there.

So ladies, NEVER do this. If you think you’re going over to the crazy, call a friend. Guys, hope you will be able to handle this like Kevin (cuz he didn’t call her crazy or cuss her out or anything – though this did end up on Reddit.. so….)

Good luck!

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