How To Seduce A Hot Girl

December 25, 2013
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Hot girls can seem intimidating to the uninitiated on account of the fact that they seem to be so well put together and brimming with confidence. This of course isn’t always true for all girls, though trying to seduce a hot girl can be a little bit more challenging than usual. They do get hit on a lot and so their tolerance is going to be lower. So how do you seduce a hot girl?

seducing a hot girl
Try to be on the receiving end of the hot shoulder.

Don’t compliment her
By this I mean don’t be gushing about her hotness all the time. Of course if she is all dressed up for your date and looks hot, compliment her! Who doesn’t want a sincere compliment right? But don’t go up to her at a bar (or whatever) and tell her the first thing you noticed about her is her hotness. She knows she’s hot. She wants to know that you also noticed other things about her, her wit, her intelligence etc. By paying attention to her other attributes you’ve got her attention as someone who sees her and a being rather than just an object.

Don’t put her on a pedestal
She’s used to people falling over themselves to do things for her. She’s human. Don’t be mean to her but treat her like a real person.

Be a gentleman but not a pushover
I’m going to go out on a limb and a pretend that you’re always a gentleman, so I’ll just say, don’t be a pushover. If you’ve got something planned for the day, don’t drop everything just because she’s snapped her fingers. Have a life of your own and learn to say no.

seducing a hot girl
Don’t be put off if this is how she enters a room.

Don’t be creepy
This means no texting her all day long, ‘bumping’ into her and her friends in her favorite cafe, following her around, etc. Have some self-respect. Being creepy will only make her want to avoid you.

Be decisive
Nothing is more annoying than a guy who asks you out and then throws the ball in your court to make all the decisions. Be decisive! Know what you want. It tells a girl that you can be trusted to take care of her.

Don’t be at her beck and call
Have a life of your own. She’s got tons of guys who are willing to do a lot of things for her. If you are that guy who is nice and charming but won’t drop everything just to please her, trust me, you will stand out.

Don’t be desperate
Give her space and time. Basically watch Hello Ladies, starring Stephen Merchant and don’t do anything he does in the TV show!

When it comes to hot girls, you want to treat them like they’re normal girls, but at the same time be nice, but not a pushover. Be decisive but not be controlling. Have you had luck with hot girls? How did you do it? Let us know in the comments.

If you haven’t had any luck with hot women, then consider this guide our Holiday gift to you. Now go forth and use it wisely. Merry Christmas!

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