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Games are no longer the pursuit of a certain type of person sitting in a dark room all day and trying to save the world from side-scrolling alien ships. Video games are more accessible than ever and the range of people playing them has grown massively over the last few years. From bloody shoot-em-ups and intense, intricate RPGs to games where the whole family can get together and play, there has never been a better time to own, play and love a console.
With such a wide choice available, jumping feet first into the gaming arena can be imposing and overwhelming for those just starting out and even long-term players. With such a vast array of games and content available, you’ll need somebody to take your hand and guide through the latest news, innovations and releases in the world of video games.
At we love games. We love to stay up all night playing them just so we can rave about them or to tell you to avoid them. Either way you’ll have our full and frank opinion on the issues and games that matter the most to you. We’ll be attending the conventions, exhibitions and as many talks as possible simply to keep you informed. We’re no button mashers here at BaDoink.


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