Using Social Media For A Better Sense of Style

November 26, 2013
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You know that you want to dress better but you hate shopping and you’re not really sure what to buy anyway. Styles for men nowadays are changing almost as fast as women’s styles and what used to be no-nos before are now ok… aka man-purses.

Well, now with the help of certain social media sites and apps, it’s easy to browse for ideas without leaving the comfort of your home or mobile phone. We are all about efficiency here at BaDoink!


Ah my favorite site for ideas and inspiration for all things fashion, design, crafts and almost anything you can think of. Pinterest has an easy search category for Men’s Fashion if you want a general search. Just a quick click produces amazing results:

Men's Fashion

From sharp suits, to shoes, bags and casual wear you will never be short for ideas. All the images link back to the original site so it is easy to see to purchase them.

For a more specific item, you can narrow the search down to “Men’s Hair” perhaps or Men’s Shoes. One quick search and amazing inspiration:

So now you know what good use Pinterest can be. For easy inspiration just use Pinterest for all your fashion needs!


Known mostly for its unbelievable amounts of selfies by strangers, some of those selfies come to good use. When it comes to using people’s vanity for my own use, I’m down for that. Instagram is an app for your smartphone and it’s best used on your phone. Just install this free app and then use hashtags (#) to search for what you want. A quick #mensfashion search and I got this:

men's fashion search

Sure it’s not as impressive as the professional quality on Pinterest, but there is still some good stuff here. Especially if you follow the leading fashion brands who also have Instagram accounts. Not only will you be the first to know but also in the know. Check out Maiden Noir’s Instagram account below (looks better on your mobile):

maiden noir's fashion

Anyway, with just these two sites you can keep up to date and in style! Have fun and let us know how it goes in the comments section!

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