Thanksgiving… It’s Complicated

November 26, 2014
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Give thanks brothers and sisters, for that time of year is almost upon us. Yes, the fourth Thursday of the month of November – otherwise known as Thanksgiving – fast approaches… so it’s time to be thankful, time to show a little gratitude. One of the things we can be thankful for, some of us anyway, is that we weren’t around at the time those highly-strung Puritans and Pilgrims sailed onto shore, especially if we happened to be the ones that had already been living here for the spirit knows how many generations.

Heads up! It’s not our intention to bum you out here. We all kind of know what went down after that famous peace accord was signed with the Wampanoag Nation… and it wasn’t exactly pretty. Hell, all relationships are tricky… and the one at the heart of Thanksgiving was as screwed up as they get. But rather than dwell on that, here at BaDoink we’d like to engage in a little fantasy; we’d like to indulge ourselves in the realms of possibility and image what might have happened if things had played out… just a little differently.

So, we know the Natives came to offer help and sustenance…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

And maybe the Puritans got a little too used to the idea…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

In fact, they basically went too far…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

Making those fine folks their property…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

And teaching them the ways of the Lord…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

But imagine the Natives rising up again and taking back control…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

Teaching the Puritans the joys of helping out…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

And how to truly appreciate the ways of the Lord…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

Then maybe they would have come to a much better mutual understanding…

Thanksgiving... It's Complicated

…Ah, if only!

Check out the gallery below for the full picture…

Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

Original photography by Olivier Valiente



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