Sheena Rose’s Top 5 Stoner Records

April 20, 2015
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Sheena Rose’s Top 5 Stoner Records

You don’t need to be a Gregorian Monk to know that today is the lunar mecca for stoners worldwide: 4/20. The date is Pavlovian for all those who indulge in the magic herb.

But it’s not solely about rolling up and smoking, or bunging it in a bong, or howsoever you wish to sate the need for green. The culture surrounding cannabis and its use spans far and wide. Enough for entire sub-genres to spark and flourish from music to film, clothing, slang. Well, you all know the drill, we’re sure.

So what better way to learn about the culture than by speaking to some of our favorite girls of porn? Say hello to the astoundingly beautiful Sheena Rose. Sheena is something of a dedicated smoker, as we found out!

As Sheena herself tells us, she smokes “every minute of every motherfuckin’ day!”

“The first time I smoked weed I was seven years old. I started buying it in middle school. I’ve pretty much been smoking my whole life.” Her ideal setting for a good, relaxing bake-off is “anywhere in nature. If there’s a body of water there it makes it way better. With my boyfriend, lots of deep convo, and eat snacks.”

Now, that scenario would take some beating but there’s a lot to be said for banging on some great tunes to help carry you away to another plane. Sheena was kind enough to divulge her favorite tracks and albums to accompany the smoke trails.

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – Young, Wild and Free
This song brings me back to when I first started porn. It was a good time. I would get so high, listen to this song, and just vibe out. I really felt at that time I was living young, wild, and free.

Kottonmouth Kings – Rest Of My Life
This song is so old but since I was 15 it has been one of my favorite songs to get high to.

Dr Dre – 2001 (album)
One of the best albums of all time. The beats are perfect to get high to.

Bob Marley – Legend (album)
It’s Bob Marley, ‘nuff said!

Sublime – Sublime (album)
Sublime gives me that little extra rock/ska to vibe to!

Now there’s no excuse for not bringing the good tunes next time you and your buddies are smoking out!

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