How to Wear Sneakers With Suits

November 25, 2013
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This is one of those styles that started off as shocking and slowly, as men started looking more and more sharp in them, became something acceptable. It’s so easy to get wrong, even though it literally feels like you’re, well, wearing sneakers with a suit.

One pair of trainers that look too trainer-y and you’ve gone too far. A suit that is too baggy and now you’re a man with a badly fitting suit AND sneakers. So listen up and pay attention. I am going to show you how to wear sneakers with your suit.

suits and sneakersThe Suit
This is one of those styles that look best with a good, well-fitted suit. Keep the suit simple, sharp and clean. Nothing too eye catching. And most certainly stay away from brightly colored suits, or any suit with print on it. You are already breaking the rule by wearing sneakers and you want to keep the focus on the sneakers and not on both the suit and the sneakers. And while you’re at it, leave the tie at home. You’re not going to the office. In fact you can even leave the belt at home too!

You want nice cool colors like grey, blue, black or even brown. Sleek, sharp and simple are the keywords here.

The Shoes
Seriously, if all you have are gym shoes, please don’t wear them. This is also not the time to be wearing your fancy dress sneakers with all the bling and style. We are looking for clean, simple and sharp. We want the look to feel like a continuation of the suit, not a challenge.

Now there are some yummy shoes in all price ranges to wear with your suits. I would go forth sparingly with the Converse Chuck Taylors; they need to be kept clean and neat in order to wear them with a suit and not your usual grimy pair.

And before we leave you, here is a video from the gods of men’s fashion discussing pairing suits with sneakers.

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