How to Fold a Pocket Square

January 16, 2014
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Pocket squares are no longer just for the uppity gentleman from yesteryear (to be fair, we’re not sure they ever were) but now they can be a welcome addition to any suit, thanks to shows like Mad Men. Lucky for us ladies, men have gotten a taste of what a well-dressed men looks like. Pocket squares add a freshness to your look that no other accessories can.

pocket squares

Before you begin, here are a few pocket square tips:

• A pocket square is a pocket square, whether you spend US$150 or US$8. So this isn’t one of those occasions to splurge.
• You can go for old school white like Don Draper in Mad Men, but open your mind to other colors and designs.
• Pocket squares are decorative. If you blow your nose in it, please put it in your trouser pocket, not your breast pocket.
• Go ahead and take some time fiddling with your square to make sure it sits right. If it bulges too much, try again.
• In terms of colors, try matching the color of your square with your tie or shirt. Or just throw caution to the wind and pick a nice print square.
• Traditional pocket squares are silk, but no need to stick to that anymore. Try any one of the different squares in the market out there.
• When in doubt, go simple. Leave the elaborate designs to the dandies.
• It’s a pocket square. Don’t over think it!

To learn how to tie a pocket square, see Belisi for a great infographic guide. And for an idea of how it can look, you can check out some pocket square styles at Stylestrategist.

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