Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape

January 22, 2014
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For the most part, men’s hairstyles are simple enough to suit almost any face shape yet every so often I will encounter a guy with the most unflattering hairstyle. This is a shame really because with a proper haircut, this same guy could take his style to the next level. A difference that could mean being given a fake number or waking up next to her the next day. Behold, our guide for hairstyles to suit your face shape:

Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape

You lucky lad! You’ve got the kind of face shape that can handle just about any hairstyle. Think Gerard Butler, David Beckham, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake. Long, short, or buzzed your face can take it. Have fun experimenting!

Hello handsome! That strong jawline is going to want a little softening. Take a cue from Brad Pitt – probably the world’s most famous square faced heart throb. While a square face gives off a nice macho, chiselled look and can pull off most hair cuts, I’d stay away from center partings (which can make you look like a cube head) and go for a more layered haircut to soften your look.

This is a slightly longer version of the Oval face shape. However, it can be a little too thin and give you a gaunt look. Adrian Brody is a perfect example of this. Given the wrong haircut it can make his face look thin and long and accentuate his nose. Avoid making the sides too short – so a buzz cut will probably be out of the question. In fact a nice full beard will work great with this look!

Although it might seem that you got the short end of the stick here, don’t fret. If Jack Black can pull it off, so can you. While it might seem counterintuitive, adding volume actually stops the face from being too round. Again, stay away from center partings and sharp edges. And please, please, please don’t think you can ‘shape’ your face with a chin curtain.

Finally we come to the sexy diamond face shaped man. There’s a reason why girls go crazy over Ryan Gosling and it isn’t just because of his chiseled abs. Mr. Gosling has the quintessential diamond face and knows how to maintain it well. This shape is great for the guy with longer hair. You want to avoid anything too short as it can emphasize the upper part of your face.

Hope this helps you out a little. If all else fails, you can always grow a beard! (We’re kidding!). Good luck!

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  1. This! It’s awesome to see how your whole apreance can change with a new hairstyle. My hair grows pretty fast so I can try new ones out easy. Also, asking female friends for good hairstylist is a great conversation starter. They might have some ideas of their own 😉

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