Gent’s Guide to Shoes V: The Wearing

March 1, 2014
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Now that you’ve bought your shoes, you need to know how to wear them. No you can’t just put your shoes on and walk in them. That’s for people who don’t know any better. For you, the well informed man, you know that certain shoes goes with certain outfits. That there are some rules to wearing shoes. Or as we’d like to call them, Guidelines.


• The general rule with shoes is to make sure your shoes match your belt. Black shoes with a blue belt is a big no-no.

• Please, don’t wear gym shoes anywhere other than the gym. If you want to wear sneakers with your suit, check out our guide on wearing sneakers with suits.

• If you’re that guy that wears sneakers, torn jeans and a t-shirt for everything, dude, it’s time. Go buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. Check out our guide for the 5 types of shoes every man should have. We’re not saying you can’t wear sneakers, sneakers are hip but your Chuck Taylors shouldn’t be the only type of shoes you own.

• Socks are a thing. Please don’t wear white socks with anything but gym shoes. Check out our Guide to Socks.

If you’re going for the sexy, sockless Thom Browne look, then first of all, good on ya for trying something new and secondly, talcum powder. You don’t want to be sweating all over your new shoes do you?

• If you do decide to go sockless, make sure you have the proper trouser length. This looks only goes well when the hems are slightly shorter or rolled up.

• We love oxford shoes but according to GQ, the only way to wear the laces is crisscrossed.

• Leather bottom shoes can be slippery, to avoid slipping, be sure to scuff the soles of your shoes with a wire brush to help with the grip before wearing them.

Armed with these guidelines, I’m sure you’ll be rocking your shoes like a star. Don’t forget to read the next Shoe Etiquette Guide here at BaDoink. Meanwhile, what tips and guidelines do you adhere to when wearing shoes? Tell us in the comments!

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