A Gent’s Guide To Buying A Suit

January 15, 2014
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If you’re not someone who is constantly in a suit, then you (probably like a lot of us) aren’t fully knowledgeable about the ins and outs of buying a suit. And you certainly don’t want to be that guy with the bad suit.

It’s all in the details, how well the suit sits on your shoulders, the lapels, the vents.

Thanks to the good people at Arden Reed we’ve got a great Guide on how to wear a suit. Everything from how the right fit to the type of material to choose. You have much to learn!

buying a suit

Things you should take into account with choosing a suit:

What’s your budget?
A bespoke suit is going to cost a lot more than a machine made suit. If you have a low budget, I’d still advise to try and save up for at least a made to order suit. Trust me, a good suit will be able to last you a while and is well worth the investment.

Don’t go for fancy styles
If this is your first suit, don’t go for fancy colors and trendy styles. Go for something that is timeless and fits you well. It depends on the occasion you need it for of course, but generally anything that is black, blue or grey is a good choice.

Where are you located?
Getting a wool suit when you live in South East Asia is probably a bad idea. You would be sweating your balls off. So pick the right material for where you live.

Remember the seasons
If you’re only getting one suit for now, pick a material that you can wear in summer and in winter (10 – 12oz).

What’s the occasion?
Are you going for a black tie event? Is this something a little more casual (in which case you could get a suit in a lighter color) or do you need it for a more formal affair? Always make sure your suit is right for the occasion.

We hope that this nifty guide will help you with your suit purchase. What other tips do you follow when buying a suit? Let us know in the comments!

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