6 Sneakers For This Summer

August 1, 2014
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My-oh-my! Summer is here, boy and girls. It is hot outside! And while you might be tempted to walk around in flip-flops, nobody wants to see that shit. Other than the beach, a man should not be wearing flip-flops. What should he wear then? Well, he could buy a pair of anything shoes that cover his feet. Meh. Where’s the style in that? Here’s a look at 6 pairs of sneakers for this summer. You obviously don’t have to buy all of them, but at least one of them should be in your wardrobe.

Puma Suede

6 Sneakers For This Summer

Ah, the classic Puma. If you were a raver kid, then I’m sure you’re already familiar with these sneakers. Yes, it has been many years since your last rave, but at least you know these shoes last. Plus they look much better with your slim jeans than your old rave outfit.

Adidas Superstar II

6 Sneakers For This Summer

Who can resist a good pair of white shoes? Adidas has been famous for its Superstar since the 80s. With a few tweaks here and there, with the Superstar II, lucky for us all this shoe is still stylin’.

Nike Toki

6 Sneakers For This Summer

A much sleeker shoe made especially for fashion, these Nike Toki shoes are great for both the office or the street.

Supra Skytop III

6 Sneakers For This Summer

One of the few shoes to cross over from the skate world to the fashion world. Don’t they look great?

Nike Dunk High

6 Sneakers For This Summer

I love these shoes. A little less subtle than the Supra Skytop III but still as stylin’!

Nike Air Max I

6 Sneakers For This Summer

And finally we come to the shoe that started the Air Max obsession – the Nike Air Max I. Though it has been out for ages, the design still holds it own.

Well, perhaps you have one of these shoes already. If so, great… if not, it’s about time you invested in a nice pair of sneakers and upped your street cred! Enjoy!

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