5 Popular Facial Hair Styles

November 25, 2013
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Facial hair has become very trendy lately what with all the Nordic men sporting their white t-shirts and full sexy beards. We want you to look good; we love it when you look hot!

So we’re here to make sure you know the difference between the different types of facial hair and which ones are in this season.

stubbleThe 5 o’clock shadow

Always a winner, this look has always been in style. You can’t beat the rough and sexy look this style of beard produces – as if you didn’t even have the time to shave cuz your life is so awesome. Looks great on bad boys like Vince from Entourage.

The Lumberjack Full Beard

This look is very in right now! It’s not easy to get a beard to grow this way and requires a good set of grooming tools and care. Usually sported with short slick hair, it gives the impression of steadfastness and yumminess!

short beardShort Beard

A less intense full beard, this beard is just as full but much shorter (hence the name). It’s another popular beard that’s resting on many a celebrity chin and cheek.

Yes there is such a website called beard.org

Classic Moustache

Once only able to be carried by the likes of Tom Selleck, now comfortably sits of the faces of some hipsters (who wear it ironically) and some macho men, who wear it with pride. Thank you, Tom.

handlebar tacheHandlebar Moustache

These are making a stunning comeback, even though you want to punch the face of the hipster sporting this look. At the same time you can’t help but feel a little envy with the eagerness that he has shown in waxing it. Wear with caution!

There you have it! The current trendy facial hairstyles. Luckily for you, hair can be shaved off and then re-grown, so experiment a little! Don’t forget to check out our manscaping tips in order to get the perfect beard! Which look do you sport?

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