5 Pieces of Fitness Gear Real Trainers Use

November 24, 2014
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The fitness market is so overcrowded with new toy, gadgets and gear it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It seems that almost everyday something new is coming out that will help you get in better shape, faster. If we were to invest in everything that is thrown at us, not only would we be broke, we would not have enough time to use them all. So what do we actually invest our hard earned money on? Well, take a tip from actual trainers and see where they’re spending their money. Here are 5 items of fitness gear that real trainers actually use. Buy one or buy all, but make sure that it actually fits into your workout!


One of my favorite workouts ever! These are not great if you’re travelling around (although Tim Ferriss has been known to stuff a kettlebell into his suitcase while traveling). Kettlebells have been around for ages but have become very popular in recent years. You can buy them at different weights and now they also come in fancy shapes (like a Spartan warrior)!


Pull-up Revolution

You might want to be able to do a pull-up without any problems, but wanting and actually doing are two different things. Sometimes you might need a little bit of help – because you’re injured, or because you’re just starting out – either way, Pull-Up Revolution is the answer. It provides just enough assistance to get you where you need to go.


PUSH Strap

Technology working to keep you fit and healthy. Push Strap does what a personal trainer will do for your workout – except perhaps better. With this little strap, you can track, record and analyze your workout. It automatically tracks your sets and reps, speed, force, load and much more and it all gets sent to your phone to be reviewed later. Sounds great!


Behold, one of the best training gear pieces you never even knew existed. This pipe-looking tool looks simple, but packs a punch. It has different places you can grab it and then swing, throw, push, pull or anything else you wish to do with it. It comes in different weights and the workout is only limited by your imagination. Sounds boring, but imagine it as throwing a big tree branch around – anyone who has spent time cutting and lugging wood around will know that it isn’t easy-peasy. I mean look at lumberjacks! This is quickly heating up in the market!


Resistance Bands

Good ol’ resistance bands! A perfect travel tool because it’s easy to pack and yet still with a little bit of imagination it will give you a great workout. This isn’t the best tool to add bulk, but it’s great if it’s a part of your workout.

Well, here it is if you are in need of a home gym, these are some great suggestions to start with!

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