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If we were to classify every conceivable category, subcategory and sub-subcategory for every conceivable subject and topic out there in the universe, there would be no room on for anything else but an infinitely scrolling menu! It’s like calculating pi; it just can’t be done. It might make for a super soothing screensaver – for anyone who still actually has time for screensavers anymore – but as far as a magazine goes, maybe not such a great idea.

Oh, the discussions we had at the offices! “What do we call this repository of all things that ain’t interviews, beer reviews or opinion?” was the big question. We toyed around with a few ideas. There was “Miscellaneous” and “Other Stuff” and we had “Oddments” (which only crazy people liked) and “The Rest” (which was popular, for a while)… Eventually, though, we agreed on “Etc.”, which does exactly was it says on the tin.

In the “Etc.” section, you will find articles about food and drink and fashion, about style options for both men and women and what’s hot and trending out there in the world today. You’ll find stories on the more interesting sporting events as well as some of the more controversial athletes. You’ll also come across some great thought pieces on politics, drugs, economics, philosophy and the arts, to name just a few. If you can’t find it anywhere else, the chances are you’ll find it in “Etc.”!


Adult-oriented material ahead!
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