Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns

February 24, 2014
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Above: Britney Spears. Image by  Joe Seer/
We get it, it can’t be easy being a celebrity. And while we know that everyone sometimes suffers from meltdowns, it’s still more fun to witness the meltdown of someone famous. Human nature, what can I say? Here are 10 great celebrity meltdowns:

Britney Spears

Who could ever forget Britney losing it and shaving her hair off? Ah, the fall of the pop princess wasn’t pretty.

Christopher Bale

If there was any doubt that Christopher Bale could actually be as psychotic as his character in American Psycho, his berating DOP Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator Salvation put an end to that.

Charlie Sheen

It seemed like he was hell bent of self destruction and was literally giving away tickets to the show. Not sure if he’s pulled his act together (he says he overcame his addiction using the power of his mind), but only time will tell.

Mel Gibson

Ouch! This sure hurt his image as the golden boy of Hollywood! Also weird because he went off on the Jews who everyone knows practically run Tinseltown.

Amanda Bynes

Her meltdown was a rather strange one starting on twitter and escalating fast and finally ended when she showed up in court in a bad, blonde wig looking disheveled. At least she’s in rehab now.

Margot Kidder

Oh Lois Lane, we feel for you! She suffered a major breakdown (partly because of her Bipolar disorder) in 1996, hacking off her hair ala Britney Spears and living on the streets for 3 days.

David Hasselhoff

This one might have been juicy, but also hit a nerve for all those who have suffered / is suffering, or know someone close suffering from alcoholism. Didn’t stop him from being the butt of jokes for ages after this video was released!

Mariah Carey

Ms Carey showed up unannounced at the MTV TRL show pushing a cart and stripping for the audience. She’s got her shit together now and we’re glad!

Matthew McConaughey

Not sure where this came from since he’s been the shirtless mascot as the outdoorsy Hollywood type! But he was caught playing bongos – naked. Not the worst thing that could happen in our opinion.

Paula Abdul

Paula has been the butt of jokes since she came on American Idol. But… fans saw her going off on her phone in LAX airport back in 2008, which didn’t help her image at all, and this compilation of Paula’s drunken moments doesn’t do much for her either.

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