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April 27, 2014
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Growing up, MacGyver was one of my favorite shows on television and Richard Dean Anderson was the coolest, sexiest man alive. I mean seriously, everyone wanted to be MacGyver – but most of all, I wanted to be MacGyver.

I absolutely adored how he used his ingenuity, improvisation and never-ending scientific knowledge to get out of scrapes instead of using guns to shoot his way out. I always wondered if his hacks actually worked and turns out, some of them actually do! I’ve found (the best website on the internet) a site that lists every single hack MacGyver uses in the series, categorized by episodes. This. Is. Awesomeness. So now you can browse through his hacks and see which ones are possible.

Here are some of my favorites from the site:

Season 6: Episode 16: There but for the Grace

(aired: February 18, 1991)

Rubber glove + Explosive gas + light bulb = Bomb

Season 2: Episode 1: The Human Factor

(aired: September 22, 1986)

Magnets + Matches + Paper = Confuse heat seeking robots

(watch the whole episode here with Chinese subtitles because it’s AWESOME!)

Season 2: Episode 5: Final Approach

(aired: 27 October, 1986)

Branches + Earrings = Make a Theodolite (sighting tool)

Season 4: Episode: 2: Blood Brothers

(aired: November 21, 1988)

Drain Cleaner + Phenolphthalein Solution = Fake Blood

Season 5: Episode 5: Second Chance

(aired: October 16, 1989)

Syringe + Paper = Make Blowgun

You know you want to go out and try it! Be careful though, a lot of these ‘recipes’ have been exaggerated for television and some just plain don’t work. However if you do happen to try some out, let us know how it goes. I would love to get some real-life MacGyver stories from you in the comments!

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