All the Nudity on Games of Thrones

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Look, I never expected to like Game of Thrones.

“What?!” You might ask yourself in full indignation, “It’s the best show on television right now!” And I agree. Ever since Walter White bled peacefully on the lab floor to the tune of Badfinger’s ‘Baby Blue’, Game of Thrones may have actually earned the inheritance of such subjective title. But the fact is I was never into fantasy. I’m also not alone on this. Thousands of people, perhaps millions, would probably reject GoT based solely on its genre and advertisement. Basically, anything with made-up medieval figures, dragons, fairies and phony mystical places would always make me roll my eyes faster than a bratty Lannister child being sermoned by Ned Stark.

All the Nudity on Games of Thrones

So the first season went by. People I knew and respected were into it, but I abstained. “It’s not quite as you might think. It’s really well written,” my friend Laura would say. I’d ignore these comments. “It’s just not for me,” I’d reply with certainty.

One day, another female friend who was a GoT fan and was definitely not trying to convince me to watch it, was venting to me on Google chat, “You know, it’s weird, I like Game of Thrones a lot, but it has so much gratuitous nudity! I’m not a prude, but sometimes it seems they only show that because it’s HBO and that’s the only way they’ll get the viewers that wouldn’t watch it otherwise. It gets a little porny sometimes, you know what I mean?”

And just like that, folks, I started watching Game of Thrones.

I’m not necessarily proud of that reasoning. I’d like to think it takes more for me to start watching a program than the promise of a few hot nude celebrities, and deep down there probably is, but the truth is the thought of watching Emilia Clarke standing nakedly triumphant is what got me to finally watch it. The dragons, it turns out, were not a deal breaker.

All the Nudity on Games of Thrones

And you know what? I’m happy that was the case, because it’s a pretty damn compelling show. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes fun. Always interesting, always unpredictable. Part of the joy of watching it is in discussing it with my friends, deconstructing every event, and trying to guess what might happen next.

Even if you removed all the NSFW scenes from it, it would still be a spectacular show – albeit a bit shorter. How shorter? I’m glad you ask!

See, for those of you that won’t watch it even after hearing me and everyone you know rave about it, but would still be interested in all the sex and nudity (sans season four), there’s a tight NSFW compilation clip to catch up with it all. Perhaps it will get you to start watching, but even if it doesn’t, these are some excellent 16+ minutes, in chronological order. Enjoy!

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