3 Awesome Things on the Web

April 17, 2014
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Well hello there BaDoink readers. What have I been doing with my time? Scouring the web for your viewing pleasure of course. There is no Internet stone I won’t turn for your benefit, which results in the wonderful collection of stories I have for you below. Read on and enjoy:

Cunnilingus Class. Tell ‘em boys!

It’s about damn time! Key and Peele from Comedy Central have done all bitches a big service by creating this hilarious video.

Vaginas. Deserve. Respect.

Damn straight they do.

Iceland’s Phallus Museum

I mean I knew Iceland had a lot of impressive bearded men but I did not know that one of these men also owns the largest (and the only) Phallus Museum. A museum that has the penis of all animal species – except the human male. Obviously there’s a movie about this.

The Church of Beyoncé

Uhm, what now? No, no you heard right. A group of 12 friends from Atlanta decided to take being a fan of Beyoncé a large step further and straight up worship the diva as a divinity. Thus is born the National Church of Bey. I am super-curious about what Beyoncé has to say about all of this.

Here she is looking Flawless in her new music video:

Don’t forget to join us next time I go lurking around the web. Booyah!

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