10 of the Worst Standup Comedians

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Above, from left to right, Jeff Dunham (image by Cameron Yee), Margaret Cho (image by Charles Haynes), Carrot Top (image by Hoggarazzi Photography) and Dane Cook (image by Lindsey8417)

Yin and yang, right? Everything has its polar opposite; every good thing has its bad cousin. Stand up comedy is no exception…

Dane Cook

It’s not a coincidence that the word “douchebag” is so commonly associated with Dane Cook. He might pack arenas, but that says more about the state of society than his unfunny big jokes.

Carlos Mencia

While not a horrible performer, Mencia is infamous for stealing jokes from everyone –including a famous Bill Cosby bit. It’s hard to be honest and vulnerable when you’re a dick and a compulsive liar.


Even if you love watermelons, it’ll get old really quickly. A product of a different era, his sexist and racist image haven’t helped him all that much in recent years, either.

Margaret Cho

We get it. She’s Asian, has a lot of tattoos and her family’s weird. If only she could be funny or interesting…

Larry The Cable Guy

Dan Whitney somehow turned his sleeveless white-trash character into a multi-million dollar entity. A hard, real look into why the Red States are the way they are.

Pauly Shore

It’ll probably help your career if your parents own and run one of the most legendary comedy clubs in the world. Mitzi’s kid got famous in the 90s through a series of terrible movies, but people know better by now.

Carrot Top

There’s a lot of time and effort spent on all the props Carrot Top uses on stage. He just doesn’t have the jokes to go with them.

Jeff Dunham

His puppet is not funny either. Why a shitty ventriloquist still finds steady well-paid work as a comedian is anyone’s guess.


The living proof the 80s were a weird time where anyone could make it. Those neon jumpsuits are likely the only brilliant thing about Sinbad.

Yakov Smirnoff

Perhaps his material would have worked better during the Cold War, when a Russian comic who exposes Soviet problems would get cheers out of simple pop culture approval. Right now, it’s just a bit sad.

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