10 Great Tony Award Performances

June 20, 2014
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Image above: Igor Bulgarin / Shutterstock.com

Prove to your partner that you’re the sensitive type by whipping out these 10 inspiring moments from the magical world of musical theatre!

Bernadette Peters (Gypsy 2003)

I was lucky enough to see this production when it was on Broadway. I sat all the way in God’s country at the top of the theatre. It was a magical experience. Here she is letting you have it while singing her 11 o’clock number, Rose’s Turn. It really was a tour de force.

Bebe Neuwirth and Anne Reinking (Chicago 1996)

I love this show to bits. It’s so great. Without this revival (this is still playing on Broadway) there would not have been the amazing movie version. I remember seeing this performance on TV and begging my parents to take me to see it. I had to wait 3 years.

Alan Cumming (Cabaret 1998)

Another show that I love and it’s by the same composers. This production was such a radical rethinking of the original that it changed the way a generation saw the show. Alan Cumming is on Broadway again playing the Emcee in the revival of the revival. Go see it.

Jonathan Groff and the cast of Spring Awakening (Spring Awakening 2007)

I remember seeing this show in the theatre and thinking how awesome it was and how much it would have meant to me if I had seen it as a teenager. America got its first glimpse of star-to-be Jonathan Groff.

Sutton Foster (Thoroughly Modern Millie 2002)

The memory of watching this performance on TV will never leave my brain and I’m so thankful for that. My jaw dropped at the brilliance of Sutton Foster. It was a truly magical moment for me. I never got to see this show on Broadway and I kick myself for it.

The cast of Promises, Promises (Promises, Promises 1969)

Man, were the 60s weird. This particular number encompasses that. “Turkey Lurkey Time,” what does it mean? How does it fit into the show? No one really knows, but look at those ladies snapping their heads. Ouch!

The cast of Rent (Rent 1996)

The show that made musical theatre cool again. The show that made tons of kids fall in love with theatre. My dad took me to see this for my 14th birthday and when they started singing “Seasons of Love,” I thought I was would stand up and join them. I didn’t, but in my head I did.

The cast of A Chorus Line (A Chorus Line 1976)

I judged this show harshly before I had even seen it. It always reminded me of those dancer girls in school who were really annoying and vapid. Well, when I finally got around to seeing on stage when it was revived on Broadway… I was wrong. It’s a great show with so much heart.

The cast of Urinetown (Urinetown 2002)

Who doesn’t love a musical about a water shortage and having to pay to pee? Another show I wished I had seen on Broadway but alas you can’t see them all. This wacky and irreverent musical will make you think different about musical theatre.

Jennifer Holliday (Dreamgirls 1982)

I mentioned tour de force at the beginning but this takes the cake. I really shouldn’t have to write anything about it. Just watch and be amazed. My favorite part is when she takes a breath before her last note. Incredible.

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