Dealing With A Job You Don’t Like

January 22, 2014
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I know, if we could help it, we’d all be working in jobs that we’re passionate about, that help us grow as people and make us tons of money. Basically a job that we love doing. Even in this day and age where blog writers are going on about doing what you love, there are still tons of people out there stuck in less than ideal jobs.

For some people, a bad job might just be a stepping stone to something better, and for some this might be it (or at least that’s what they think). Ending up with a job you don’t like doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Of course, if this is an option, the first thing you should do is to start looking for a new job – something that will make you happier than your current job. If this isn’t an option and you have to stick around a little longer, then perhaps these tips can help:

Dealing With A Job You Don’t Like

Have a confidant
It can get tough if you have no one to talk to. Friends, family, partners – even if you have to hire a therapist (or a life coach) – I believe that this can be a good thing for you in the long run. Not having someone to open up to can lead to stress and that will just add to your problems.

Perhaps this is an issue that you can talk to your boss about and negotiate a better agreement. If it is work hours, responsibility, not being appreciated etc, I’m sure your boss wants you to be at your best, so you can also give your best. A calm and clear headed meeting with the boss might produce the results you need to make you happier at work.

Take a look at yourself
Not saying that you need it, but sometimes a good look at yourself might be in order. Do you feel that you are beneath this job? Or that everyone else seems to have a problem, but not you? I had a friend like this once, he could never stay at a job because he always thought he knew better than everyone and that they just weren’t doing things right, unlike him, with his zero experience. Don’t be this guy. A change in attitude might be the key to a happier work life.

Small steps
If you do decide to change jobs but know it might take a while, do one small thing everyday to get you closer to finding a new job. Perhaps it’s an extra qualification, or sprucing up your resume or taking a meeting with a new company CEO, whatever it is, small steps will get you there!

Find people you like
If you have to stick around the company a while longer, then find people you do get along with, to collaborate with and to hang out with. It will make time spent at work all the more fun when you spend it with people you connect with.

What have you done to deal with jobs you don’t like?

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