Circumcision: The Writer’s Cut

April 22, 2014
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As you all learned from a previous article on this subject, my junk got the snip-snip when I was eight days old. I had no say in it and it was done for religious purposes. I wish I had my foreskin. I feel like I’m missing out. The grass is always greener, I guess.

Circumcision: The Writer's Cut

I chatted with a friend of mine who is still intact. He thinks that circumcision is no longer necessary. When I asked him what the biggest drawback about being uncut was, he laughed in my face because I unintentionally made a pun. After he recovered he told me that one might say it was keeping it clean but then expanded on that by saying that it’s not really a downside because what man doesn’t love to touch their penis. Touché.

Now that I live in Spain, most of the penises I encounter have been of the uncut variety. As a choice I prefer that. I think in this day and age there really is no reason to get circumcised. As long as you wash regularly, which is easy to do these days, compared to thousands of years ago when the practice first started. We’re living in the 21st Century with access to cleaning products. Guys, clean your junk.

I can just hear the arguments I’ll have with my father when I have a son. I’ve made a choice not to get my future children circumcised. I don’t believe in a need to have a physical manifestation of my relationship with God. If I want to believe I will and if my son wants to believe he will.

Circumcision: The Writer's Cut

Back to my uncut friend, he said he believes he has more sensation in his penis than I do because the bell end is always covered where mine isn’t and is constantly rubbing against my underwear. I would have to agree with him. I had penis envy in the form of wishing I still had my foreskin. I wouldn’t have to use lube when I’m playing with myself. I already keep my stuff in tiptop clean condition so a little extra rubbing and tugging isn’t a problem at all. Say no to the cut!

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