Bouncing Back After A Break Up

April 20, 2014
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I don’t want to be the kind of person who trivializes an issue like breaking up – trust me, I’ve been through some pretty bad ones myself – but sometimes the best way to bounce back after a breakup is also the simplest. Yes, I’m talking about the plate cleaner, the rebound, the ‘getting over someone by getting under someone’ technique.

Now I’m a huge advocate of taking some time off after a break up to just get centered and also to get over parting with someone dear to you. However when all the moping is over and done with, and you’re still not over her, then there’s only one way to. It’s time to bring in the plate cleaner.

Bouncing Back After A Break Up

What is a plate cleaner? Imagine you’ve been eating off the same plate for a while, this plate is going to be pretty dirty. Before you put something new on that plate, you’re going to need to clean that plate. And yeah, I’m talking about sex. You need a NSA fun night out to scrub that plate clean. And please don’t get attached to your plate cleaner. This is simple, clean fun.

Oh, and by this I don’t mean be a dick and just straight up use a woman. There are plenty of women out there who are also looking for some good clean no-strings-attached kinda fun. Go out with the lads and have a good time.

I’m not saying that this will magically make you get over your ex. No, it’s not that simple. However getting under someone new kinda breaks the psychological bonds you have with your ex. It says “we’re over.” It’s gives you the permission you need to look elsewhere or to perhaps be single for a while after being monogamous for so long.

So if you’ve recently broken up and you’ve spent the appropriate amount of time getting over your ex, then round up the lads for a boys’ night out and perhaps find a nice lady to kiss and make out with. And most of all, have loads of fun!

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