The Top 10 Weirdest Beer Names

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They always says you eat with your eyes first. Does that go the same for drink? Maybe it does when you catch some of the nuttiest names out there…

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1. “Hoptimus Prime”
Legacy Brewing Co. in Pennsylvania have officially named the nerdiest beer.

2. “Moose Drool
Montana brewers Big Sky Brewing Co. must be crazy, but in good way.

3. “Santa’s Butt Porter”
Ridgeway Brewing in the UK officially have the best name for a porter.

4. “Yellow Snow
Despite the name, this beer hails from Rogue (from Oregon) so it’s insanely delicious.

5. “Arrogant Bastard Ale
Stone Brewery, in California, doesn’t care if you don’t like their beers, because they’re better than you.

6. “He’Brew: The Chosen Beer
These New York based brewers make Kosher look super badass.

7. “Screaming Ape Porter”
California beer company Dos Cerdos Brewery makes me so very happy.

8. “Porkslap Pale Ale”
Butternuts Beer & Ale in New York makes one of my favorite pale ales ever.

9. “Farmer’s Tan”
Southern Tier, based in New York, make some amazing brews, and their weirdly named Imperial Pale Lager is no exception.

10. “Tactical Nuclear Penguin
Brewed by Scottish beer makers BrewDog, this crazy beer not only has the best name ever, it’s also 32% alcohol.

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  1. Moose Drool – haha , nice.

  2. I have had 5 of these 10 before. #10, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, is made by BrewDog (as stated above) who also used to make “End of History”, which was a bottle of beer served in the carcass of a squirrel. That is not a lie. Look it up. And it used to be the strongest beer in the world at 55% ABV. I may be wrong but I believe the current record holder for strongest beer is “Snake Venom” by Brewmeister (also Scottish…boy those Scots sure do love to whip up a nasty batch don’t they?)

    I have also had the following:
    Flying Dog “Doggy Style”
    Tommyknocker “Butthead”
    Lagunitas “Hairy Eyeball”

    There are lots of odd ones out there.

    Great article! I will see if I can find some of these for my reviews!

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