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Beer, some say it’s the king of social lubricants. It probably is, but we wouldn’t like to say. What we can say with utter certainty, however, is that here at, we take our beer reviews very, very seriously. The beer reviews have been a weekend staple since the magazine was launched, which now comprises an extensive wealth of great reviews that will benefit both the beer connoisseur and the enthusiastic beginner alike.

From pale ales to stouts, from classic breweries to the new kids on the block, we take you on a magical, but informative, ride through all the permutations and variations of one of the world’s oldest and best-loved beverages. Judging the beers on their flavor profiles, mouth feels, textures, aromas and colors, our Master Beer Reviewer In Chief, Henry Deltoid, expounds his thoughts and wisdom on each bottle, can or glass that passes before his lips.

Ever wonder what IPA means? Or what’s so important about ‘hoppiness’? Or even what the hell ‘lacing’ is supposed to mean? Well, fear not, for the Beer Reviews not only tell you which beers are worth the money and which ones are worth a journey to the bottom of the lake, they also teach you what all the terminology means and arm you with just the knowledge you need to go out and find the best brews out there.


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