Zoolander 2 & Other News From Around The Net

March 11, 2015
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Zoolander 2 & Other News From Around The Net

Lot’s of stuff happening around the world ya’ll. Time to keep you updated so you may small talk with your friends this coming weekend. Here’s This Week’s bite-sized news from around the web.

Zoolander 2 coming to you soon

Ben Stiller chose an awesome way to announce Zoolander 2 at Paris Fashion Week by strutting his stuff along with his co-star Owen Wilson. Together they brought it as Derek Zoolander and Hansel at the Maison Valentino show. The movie is set to premier in February 2016. Derek and Hansel have been out of the limelight for over 10 years! Will the fashion industry even remember them? Check out their walk on the runway at the Valentino show below:


The Walking Dead gets its own spin-off

With Better Call Saul doing pretty well I suppose it wouldn’t take long before AMC jumped on another possible spin-off. Yep, The Walking Dead, possibly AMC’s best running show right now is getting it’s own spin-off. The show won’t be following Rick Grimes, instead it will be prequel of sorts, taking place when the zombie apocalypse just starts. So expect a whole lot of things falling apart. Sounds promising. It will star Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, House of Cards).

Robin Thicke and Pharrell copied Marvin Gaye

So the jury is finally in and they’ve ordered Robin Thicke and Pharrell to pay the Gaye family 7.3 million for copyright infringement of their father’s 1977 song, “Got to give it up”. The Gaye family noticed familiarities between their father’s song and Thickes’ Blurred Lines in 2013. Check it out below to see what you think:


Scarlett Johansson has a band ya’ll

Uh oh! Hold on to your horses! Scarlett Johansson has just formed a brand spanking new group called the Singles together with Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, Julia Haltigan and Este Haim. Get ready, cue pouty, angry rock faced Scarlett. While things started out rosy, it would seem they are less rosy now since the group was hit with a cease and desist order from the original band Singles who have been around for 16 years. Either way, take a listen to their new super-pop (as Scarlett puts it) single Candy.

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