Vine Users You Should be Following

March 15, 2014
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Vine is fast getting traction since it’s launch in January 2013. This app that allows users to create and post short looping video clips is quickly producing a host of creative videos by talented individuals and we here at BaDoink are blown away by the quality of these six-second videos. Seriously, some of them are real gems. Despite announcing a few days ago that it is now banning pornographic and sexually explicit content (although artistic nudes are ok) we’re still excited to share with you some vine users you should be following:


Jerome Jarre
I am not sure if this french cutie is insane or just insanely happy but I could watch his vines all day. He’s the right combination of weird and funny that had me LOL so many times.

Will Sasso
Former MADtv star Sasso, produces different funny characters on his vine account and it’s working! Super funny.

Nash Grier
This young un’ has over 6 million followers – more than many celebrities out there. Why? Cuz he’s hilarious!

Simone Sheperd
Super funny, sazzy Simone will tell you like it is.

King Bach
King Bach is probably one of the funniest vine users I’ve seen in a while. I started noticing him when his “That back flip though” video came out and I’m still a huge fan.


Meagan Cignoli
Meagan uses everyday objects to creative stunning stop motion videos.

Pinot is an illustrator and he uses a paper and pencil to bring his drawing to life. It’s amazing.

Khoa might just be the current king of vines. He creates stories using nothing but construction paper.

Jethro Ames
Jethro Ames vines are so complex I find myself asking “How’d he do that?” constantly. They’re like magic and a LOT of work for a vine.

So if you haven’t already downloaded the Vine app, be sure to do it now. Vine is supported on iOS, Androids and Microsoft platforms and it’s FREE! And get ready to #doitforthevine. Be sure to send us your favorite vine videos! Have fun!

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