Users Angry After Great Instagram Rapture

December 23, 2014
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Users Angry After Great Instagram Rapture

If you’ve woken up and found you’ve lost some of your Instagram followers then you’ve just been touched by the latest Instagram purge. Instagram went about deleting fake and inactive users and also users that violated their terms of use. This of course has pissed of many users (and celebrities) who woke up to find that many of their ‘fans’ have disappeared.

This also shows which users and celebrities have stooped to buying their followers. Rapper Ma$e went from 1.1 million followers to 100,000 (ouch), he then promptly deleted his account altogether. The biggest loser was Instagram user chiragchirag78 who went from 3,660,468 to 8 users in a matter of hours.

The web has either been gleeful about seeing who has been buying followers or angry for losing followers. Looks like teens and celebrities all over the world are sad about losing their fake #instafame.

Web developer Zach Allia created a handy chart to show the numbers of the top 100 Instagram accounts. It’s pretty interesting to see that celebrities are the ones feeling the purge the most. Big name celebrities like Beyoncé had a small drop but Justin Bieber had a drop of 3 million followers. Not that it created much of a dent since he still has over 20 million followers left. Even Kim Kardashian has dropped 1.3 million followers.

Ironically Instagram has been the one to lose the most followers (over 18 million) but that could just be because of the mass unfollows that it got after the purge. Users have been begging Instagram to stop the purge and to return their ‘fans’. Instagram however told the Business Insider it was merely removing users with already deactivated spam accounts and users who violated their guidelines.

The crackdown has really served to expose a lot of low grade social media celebrities, so hopefully they’ll not resort to buying fake followers and face another oncoming shame in future Instagram purges. And you know it’s coming.

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