Top 10 Videos To Watch This Week

February 15, 2014
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Here’s Jimmy Yitzak with his roundup of the best videos to watch out there in Internet land this week. Grab yourselves a coffee and strap yourselves in…

All this bruhaha over a commercial to show just how diverse America is nowadays. Eeesh. They did miss a few languages, however. I was upset that Coca-Cola was not more inclusive. Shame on them. We’re all Americans, Coke. Get over it.

Anyone else remember playing around on MS-DOS? I felt really cool when I would learn how to do commands and fix things. I was the guy my friends would call to fix their computers. I still am actually. I should turn that into a money making machine. Anyway, watch someone create some cool music using MS-DOS commands. Sure takes me back to the early 90’s.

An honest Facebook movie. That’s what we need in this world. I remember getting notified about groups I hadn’t joined yet. They should have added August 6, 2010, Still receiving invites to play some game you have no intention of playing?

Do you remember the first time you experienced rain? Neither do I and I get particularly grumpy when it does rain but this adorable little girl is making me rethink my emotions. She’s just a ball of pure joy and happiness. Rainy days and Mondays don’t have to get me down.

I believe a few months back I included a video here about a white supremacist who found out he was part African. I thought it was really funny. Here is a trailer of a documentary about this man. He was trying to take over a small peaceful town in North Dakota. He wanted to make it into a white supremacist town but the people living there said “NO” and fought back. I’d be interested to see the final product.

Game of Thrones is back…SOON! Here’s a look back and look ahead at the coming season. I’m very excited. I’m currently reading the third book and if you’re in the know, you’ll know that season four is the second half of book three. I’m trying to finish before the season starts. Wish me luck.

Damn! This guy can SING. He’s got such a powerful voice especially when he gets a little higher. He sometimes sounds a bit screamy but it’s pretty good. Some day I’ll record a version and make it to Broadway.

A musical parody of Russia’s anti-LGBT laws. My favorite lyrics were “…all you can eat butt sex buffet.” and “We don’t find women sexy in a bonery way”. They even take a page from the Canadian video made about how the Winter Olympics are pretty gay. The Russians make it even gayer. Mother Russian is super gay!

Death to the Penny!! They’re useless. No, really they are. This video explains exactly why they are and why we should get rid of them. Be gone!

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